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About tagging

A tag is simply a word you use to describe one or more files. tagĀ·ging is a way to organize your files based on what they are tagged with, instead of where they are located in a folder structure. It is like using keywords for files, allowing you to group files together which have something in common.

Tagging is a lot easier and more flexible than fitting your information into preconceived folders— the key is to tag sparingly and with focus, using words that are highly descriptive.

See Fluxiom tagging in action

How to organize your set of tags

Simply put, the tags are like categories. You can use tags to categorize your assets with one or multiple tags. How to create tags.

The tags are available for all users in your Fluxiom account right below the search and zoom toolbar at the top of the asset browser. You can mostly deduce your individual set of tags from the profession you and your team is working in. To give you an idea here are some tag sets from other customers:

Design agency

Personal use

Tags show up on the top-bar in the asset browser and are used to navigate/filter the content so you can find things fast just by turning on/off certain tags. For example, if you click on the core tag “Images” from the topbar only assets with the tag “Images” will appear in the thumbnail view. If you click on “Today” you will only get assets that have both tags: “Images” and “Today”. With the tag bar it’s that easy to browse and find assets.

Use tags sparingly! You can still add “freeform” tags to every asset e.g. in the description field to help Fluxiom shoot straighter when searching for assets.

Color your tags

Use coloured tags to organise your assets visually in your asset view.

To colour your tags go to the “Tags section” and click on the grey icon to open the colour chooser to colour each tag.
The chosen tag colour will appear in the Asset view tag panel and all relevant views where you can see your tags.

Tips and workarounds

Rate assets in Fluxiom: just create the following tags: *, **, ***, ****, *****

If you like to share a tip or your tag set please send it to support at Fluxiom dot com. Thanks for sharing!