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Adding files with Fluxiom Uploader

Upload your files and even folders with drag-and-drop ease right from your desktop!

Fluxiom Uploader is a native upload client available for Mac OS X and Windows, and allows you to upload files to your account with drag-and-drop ease, including whole folders.

Fluxiom Uploader in action

Download and Installation

Get Fluxiom Uploader from the Mac App Store with your usual Apple ID credentials. It’s free! This version requires Mac OS X 10.6.6 or later.

Download Fluxiom Uploader for other platforms

Initial configuration

Before you can upload files with Fluxiom Uploader, you need to configure the application. Upon its first launch, it will inquire about your Fluxiom URL, your user name and your password. Simply fill in the form and click on “OK.” For your convenience, you can instruct Fluxiom Uploader to remember your password, making the connection process seamless for all subsequent launches.

If your plan supports SSL security, Fluxiom Uploader will automatically connect securely to Fluxiom. If your plan supports branding, the uploader will automatically retrieve your logo and colours of choice to dress up its interface in your favourite colours.

Uploading files to Fluxiom

Once your account is set up, simply drag files or folders onto the Fluxiom Uploader window. The application will automatically drill down folders (recursively), and upload any files it finds. You need not wait until the first uploads finish before dropping more files or folders onto the Fluxiom Uploader window, as it automatically queues downloads depending on bandwidth and system availability.

Upload files and folders with drag-and-drop ease right from your desktop

Mac OS X users can also drag files onto the Fluxiom Uploader Dock icon in addition to dropping them onto the Fluxiom Uploader window. This can facilitate the upload process on smaller screens.

  • upload complete folders or a selection of files
    To make multiple uploads even easier, you can select complete folders or a selection of files.
  • select files and directories to upload via drag & drop
    Just drag your files or folders on the Fluxiom Uploader application window and it uploads it for you.
  • multiple uploads
    You are not limited to upload only one file at a time. With Fluxiom Uploader you can upload multiple files at once.
  • more reliable uploads
    The uploader uses your operating system’s connectivity platform, meaning it resists better to small network connectivity cuts than a web-based uploading tool ever could.
  • upload in the background
    Because Fluxiom Uploader does not rely on your web browser to stay open, it will not interfere with your browsing activities. You can even keep on using Fluxiom in your browser while the uploader works, and your assets view will automatically be refreshed as new assets arrive and are successfully processed by the system.
  • multiple account support
    With quick-account switching, makes it a snap to use the uploader at work or play.

Manage multiple Fluxiom accounts