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One aim of Fluxiom is to reduce the time it takes to organize assets, without losing the big picture. It should be possible to store one asset in more than just one place — and this is where tags come in handy…

tag ยท ging is a way to organize your files based on what they’re tagged with, instead of where they are located (folder structure). It is like using keywords for files, allowing you to group files together which have something in common.

See tagging in action


The auto-tags (eg. “My assets”, “Last week”) are set by Fluxiom automatically depending on the properties of your files. Next to filtype based (Documents, Images, Videos) and time based (Today, Last Week) autotags Fluxiom sets the following autotags:

  • Downloaded: All assets that have been downloaded at least once either by you or any other user in your Fluxiom account, ordered by the number of downloads.
  • Shared: All assets that have been shared at least once by you or any other user (through the “Share” function), ordered by how many times the asset has been shared.
  • Untagged: All assets that have no tag assigned (helpful after a batch upload through Fluxiom Uploader for example.
  • Inbox: All assets that have been added through the Inbox feature (Learn more about Fluxiom Inbox)

Your own tags

To create your own set of tags according to your needs, just switch to the “Tags” section, by clicking on the “Tags” tab on the main bar.

Note: Only users with the “Manage tags” right assigned can manage tags. Learn more.

In the “Tags” view you can add, rename or delete tags. You can also change the order of the tags via drag and drop, the tags will appear in this order in the tag bar in the asset view.

Click the tags you want to assign – done.

Note: To select files the asset viewer also supports shift-click to select a range of assets and ctrl-click to select multiple individual assets, and supports rubber-band select.

With tags, organizing and finding assets suddenly becomes manageable. No more digging around in the folder jungle on the file server without finding anything.

Color your tags

To colour your tags go to the “Tags section” and click on the grey icon to open the colour chooser to colour each tag.
The chosen tag colour will appear in the Asset view tag panel and all relevant views where you can see your tags.

Note: You can easily set your colour with given colours or customise the color. To remove the color just use the “clear” button and the default standard color will appear again.

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