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Deliver and receive files

Share files

Deliver files right to your clients or partners, without worrying about file sizes or full email boxes ever again!

Sharing files step by step

1. Select the files you want to share. The asset viewer also recognizes ⇧(shift)-click to select a range of assets and ⌘(command)-click (Mac) / crtl-click (Windows) to select multiple individual assets. You can also select assets in any pattern you wish with the rubber-band select.

2. Click the share button to reveal the share panel

Share panel

3. Enter the recipients email address, a subject and an optional message. On the left you see the first 9 items that you are about to share, in the up right corner the number in the badge says how many assets you are about to share.

There are two different methods you can use to share your assets:

  • “Send assets”: This means the recipient will get an email in which he finds a link and a password to download the shared assets.
  • “Use my email client”: Your default email client will open a new email message, containing the magic phrase and the download link. This comes in handy if you want to use the address book of your local email client, plus you can easily share the files with more than one recipient.

You can select three options about how long your shared link will be available for the recipient: 2 weeks, 1 month, 3 months

Recipients view & share preview

The recipient will get an email with a link and the magic phrase. The link will lead the recipient to a download page like this:

After entering the magic phrase, the share preview page opens to show all assets which are shared with the recipient.

Select single assets for download or download all at once

Now the recipient can select single files to download or choose “download all” to receive all assets in this share preview for download.