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Speed up with keyboard shortcuts

Because using a mouse is not always the fastest way to interact with software, Fluxiom comes with keyboard shortcuts that you can use right from your assets view. Shortcuts are always enabled, and there is no particular setting to tweak to benefit from the time savings they will undoubtedly bring to you after just a few tries.


Navigate the Assets View by using the arrow keys: a simple press of the appropriate key will move the selection rectangle by one tick in the desired direction. Of course, this works even when the Details or the Tags panel is visible.

The shortcuts

  • ‘Space’ or ‘P’ opens a preview of the currently selected file. Use the Left or Right arrow keys to preview the previous or next file. If multiple assets are selected you will only cycle through the selected files using the Left or Right arrow keys.
  • ‘D’ will open the Details drawer, and display information related to the currently selected asset. The information displayed includes tags, file type, metadata and upload information.
  • ‘N’ as in New will open the upload window, allowing you to add data to your Fluxiom account.
  • ‘V’ as in Versions will open the Edit window for the currently selected asset and immediately display the associated versions list. Please note that not all accounts support versioning: refer to our pricing table for more information.
  • ‘L’ as in downLoad will download the currently selected asset(s) in your asset view. If multiple assets are selected, they will be zipped together before download. We use “L” instead of “D” because it is commonly used by browsers to switch to the Downloads window.
  • ‘O’ as in Open will open the Edit window from which you can change the title, description and tags associated with an asset.
  • ‘S’ as in Share will open the share drawer and allow you to share the selected asset(s) by email.