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Uploading files to Fluxiom in real time

A watch folder is a folder on your Mac that performs actions automatically whenever files are moved into it. You can create such a watch folder to upload files to your Fluxiom account, in real time. This can be especially useful if you want the results of a photo shoot to appear live in a shared Fluxiom folder, for your clients to look at.

To set up a watch folder, you will first need the Fluxiom Uploader, which is available for free on the Mac App Store. Once it is installed and set up, refer to the steps below.

Installing the Apple Script

  1. Download this Apple Script
  2. Switch to the Finder. In the Go menu, select Go to Folder…
  3. In the drop-down dialogue that appears, enter ~/Library/Scripts, and click on Go.
  4. In the Finder window that opens, look for a folder called Folder Action Scripts. If it is not there, create it. Then, move the Apple Script you just downloaded into this folder.

Setting up the watch folder

  1. f you have not yet created the folder you wish to use as a watch folder, do so now.
  2. Right-click (or control-click) on this folder’s icon. In the menu that appears, select Services, then Folder Action Setup
  3. From the list that appears, choose the Apple Script you downloaded. Unless you renamed it, it should be named add – files to Fluxiom.scpt.

You are now all set! From now on, any file that is added to this folder will be uploaded to your Fluxiom account. Every time you add a file to the folder, the Finder will call the Apple Script you just downloaded. In turn, this script will nudge the Fluxiom Uploader, and your file will be uploaded. This will happen automatically and transparently.