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Deliver and receive files

Using your Fluxiom Inbox

Your Fluxiom Inbox is a great way to fully replace traditional FTP servers. It allows any user who knows the address of the form to upload files directly into your Fluxiom account, along with comments for easy organisation. As a SPAM-deterrent, users will be asked to confirm their email address before files appear in your account — and count towards your storage quota.

Use your Fluxiom Inbox to receive photos to process, resumes and portfolios from applicants, term papers or design drafts from students, mock-ups from marketing, whatever makes your business tick: your Inbox can do so many things!

You can promote your Fluxiom Inbox by putting a badge on your blog or web site, or simply by linking to it from any email or forum on the web. It’s a regular page, that can be linked to like any other.

Enabling your Fluxiom Inbox

To enable your Fluxiom Inbox, simply log in to Fluxiom and click on the “Account” tab. Then, click on “Inbox” to navigate to your Inbox settings page. From there, simply check or un-check the “activate Inbox” checkbox to toggle the feature on or off. (Don’t forget to click on “Save” once you’re done.)

Once your Inbox has been enabled, it can be accessed through:

When accessing your Inbox, this is what the public will see

The introduction text shown on your Inbox page can also be customized within the Inbox administration panel (You can use textile to format the text. Read more about textile formatting):

Moving a file to your asset view

The Inbox tab displays all the files that have been uploaded to your Inbox. To accept an asset, and move it to your main storage space, click on the “Move to Assets” button, next to the file in question.

Moving files from your Inbox to your main storage space automatically tags them with “Inbox.” This way, you can quickly and easily keep track of which files were sent to you through your Inbox: simply click on “Inbox” in your tags bar.

All the details that have been provided by the sender through the upload form are stored along with the file. They are fully searchable and can be accessed through the “details” panel.

Getting notified about new files in your Inbox

The account holder can specify who should receive notifications when new content is added to your Fluxiom account. This is useful, for example, when you want a project lead or account executive to get notified of new assets, but do not wish for the entire team to be disturbed every time something is added to your pool.

To activate or deactivate notifications for certain users, return to the Inbox settings page and check the names of those who should receive a notification every time a new asset gets uploaded to your Inbox.

Personalising your Fluxiom Inbox

Your Fluxiom Inbox will follow the branding guidelines you already set for your Fluxiom account, if applicable. (Learn more about branding Fluxiom.)

Additionally, you can enter a special note, that will be visible to members of the public. This too can be done from your Inbox settings page.

Uploading a file to an account

Activating your Inbox changes nothing to the way you access your Fluxiom account and upload new assets. To upload a file through your Inbox, the general public will follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to your public Inbox page, whose URL is quoted on your Inbox settings page.
  2. Click on the “Choose File” button and select the file to upload.
  3. Enter a description for you to read. Filling in the description field is not mandatory, but it is recommended.
  4. Provide a valid email address, that they can check from their machine.
  5. Click on “Upload” button and wait until the upload is completed.
  6. Click on the confirmation link which has been emailed to you.

Senders have 24 hours to click on the link, but we recommend they do so immediately, since you will not see the file they uploaded until they confirm the validity of their email address.

Inbox quotas

As a general rule, the temporary holding space of your Inbox equates half the total amount of storage in your Fluxiom account. Whenever this space fills up, the account owner will receive an email, notifying him of the fact.

Once files are moved away from your Inbox holding space and into your Fluxiom account, they will start counting towards your account’s storage quota. Files stored within your Inbox holding space do not count towards your account’s storage quota, merely towards your account’s Inbox quota. This prevents malicious or ill-advised users from filling up your account without your consent.